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“Your Information Technology, Aerospace Technology and Security Experts!!”

Currently, we are the only corporation with the in-house capability and technical support to marry digital processing technology from the (Information Technology) world to Avionics Systems including Flight Instruments (Glass Cockpit), Communication/Navigation [Including Sat/Com.], and Next Generation Full Digital Aviation Systems.

Air Tuskegee Technologies provide the following expertise in these disciplines:

Information Technology
Total Network Development and Infrastructure Design
Network and Hardware Support/Security
System Integrations and Development
Satellite Communications Install/Maintenance
Technical Support
24/7 Mainframe and System Maintenance/Support
Software Architecture and Design
Service Level and Protocol Level Encryptions
Electro-Optical Transfers
Remote Desktop Support 

Electronic Security
Total Access Management and Video Management
Perimeter Development/Design using Infrared/Magnetic/&Optical Motion Detection
Face Recognition Software, Sixteen Point Finger-Print Detection, Retinal Scanners (BioMetrics)
IPv/6 Encryptions,
Wireless Video Streaming, Audio-Streaming, Data Download Transfers
Seismic and Thermal Detectors
Magnetic Detectors and Magnetic Circuit Installations.

Avidyne Entegra (Including Integra 9)  Advanced Flight  Deck
Honeywell Nav/Comm.
EMS Sat/Comm to Imarsat Networks
Total Integrated Glass Cockpit Solutions for Conventional Aircraft
Advanced Navigations and Communications System Integrations
Worldwide Video Conferencing (Requires Platform Inspection of Airframe)
Research and Development (Applied Avionics and Aerospace Transportation System Solutions) {Next Generation Air Transportation System}
Envisio Systems Integrations


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