“Your Information Technology, Aerospace Technology and Security Experts!!”

Welcome to Air Tuskegee Technologies, a subsidiary of Air Tuskegee Ltd. A 20 year old Veteran-Owned Company specializing in Aerospace Technologies, Electronic Security, and Information Technology/Security. [Defense Investigative Services Security Clearance] C.A.G.E. and CCR Verified

We have staff ready to meet your needs whether it may be designing an Air to Ground Data Distribution System (AGDDS-aGdus), using Satellite Communication Technology –Encrypted and  Interfaced with Terrestrial Fiber or WAN/LAN Networks,  Intranet and or Infrastructure Security.

We help our clients’ obtain the level of security one needs to prevent the catastrophic breech of information! Whether it may be Virtual Private Networks, WAN/LAN, Fiber-Optic Networks (Sonet or DWDM), to Access Control Management and Video Security Management.

Air Tuskegee Technologies specialty is to implement The latest in cutting-edge Technology, Systems Upgrades, Systems Integrations, Systems Monitoring, Systems Infrastructure for; Aerospace needs, both Military and General Aviation, Company and or Building/Platform Management/Operations, Maritime Operations/Management, and Research and Development.

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January 28, 2010

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